Thank you, Mr. President 

The Philippines will join consensus on this resolution.

The Philippine Republic Act No. 9851 demonstrates state commitment to ensuring accountability for crimes against international humanitarian law, genocide, and other crimes against humanity. Our Republic Act no. 7309, considered as a landmark law for being the first of its kind in Asia, provides for compensation for victims of unjust imprisonment or detention and victims of violent crimes.

Being not a member of the ICC, we register our reservation on PP20.

With respect to PP 24, while the Philippines fully recognizes the role of civil society in contributing to the prevention of commission of gross violations and abuses of human rights and ensures that the civic space in the country remains free and dynamic, we have urged the Council to exercise prudence in engaging non-state actors who exploit the human rights platform in the UN, masquerading as advocates while conducting terrorism and other criminal activities violating the rights of communities that they claim to serve.

This necessary exercise of due diligence is critical if we are to preserve and protect the high level of trust and practical engagement that enables legitimate civil society actors to participate fully in the promotion of transitional justice in all parts of the world.

Thank you, Mr. President. END.