Thank you, Madam Vice-President. 

The Philippines acknowledges the openness and willingness of Myanmar to constructively cooperate with the international community. We recognize Myanmar’s close cooperation with the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General who has visited the country for the eighth time.

We flag our concern regarding the proliferation of mandates on Myanmar, including unilateral ones. It is alarming that the cost of maintaining these mandates from 2018 to 2020 amount to a staggering US$ 35 million, all spent on staff and consultant salaries and travel---- none on concrete programs on the ground.

Actions of the Council and its mechanisms should be aimed at bringing concrete transformation on the ground through cooperative efforts that assist States in fulfilling their human rights obligations. We would like to be briefed on efforts of the Special Rapporteur along this line in accordance with HRC resolution 31/24.  

We regret that the Special Rapporteur’s earlier statements questioning the capacity of the Independent Commission of Enquiry to bring justice to victims or be a credible form of accountability, ahead of evidence, reveal her prejudice against the accountability efforts of the Myanmar government.

We call on the international community to properly recognize the complexities in a nation as diverse as Myanmar and to support legitimate efforts of the government to preserve social harmony and address challenges to peace and development and security while it continues to pursue a complete democratic transition.

Thank you, Madam Vice-President.