Thank you, Madam Vice-President. 

The Philippines welcomes the reports of the Independent Expert.

The Philippines supports the need to ensure public and civil society participation in global governance spaces, paying attention to considering the voices and concerns of marginalized groups in decision-making processes.

The Philippine civil society continue to be one of the most dynamic in the region and the world. This owes to the robust and conducive environment provided by the Philippine Constitution and the Local Governance Code which encourage and institutionalize the participation of non-government, community-based, or sectoral organizations, within the democratic framework, in pursuing and protecting their legitimate and collective interests through peaceful and lawful means.

An inclusive and participatory process strongly characterizes Philippine multilateral diplomacy, where consultations with NGOs, civil society, private sector, and stakeholders are convened to allow their inputs. This open and consultative process for stakeholder engagement at the national level continues to guide our efforts with respect to ASEAN, our region’s governance platform, towards a truly people-oriented and people-centered region.

While underscoring the need for inclusivity in global governance platforms, we wish to reiterate that, such spaces, having potential for influence and even funding access, are not insusceptible to abuse and exploitation by certain non-state actors to advance agendas aimed at other than the true advancement of human rights.

The Philippines reassures the Independent Expert of its full support and cooperation.

Thank you, Madam Vice-President. END.