04 May 2021, Geneva, Switzerland – The United Nations recognized two Filipino women who break down gender stereotypes by excelling in professions that have traditionally been dominated by men.

Jasmin Labarda, a ship captain who leads international teams undertaking highly technical maritime missions, such as laying pipelines in the seabed, and Joy D. Paciente-Mayao, a platoon leader at the Philippine Army’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Division, are currently featured in the ongoing Geneva-based online photo exhibit “Not a Woman’s Job?

“As captain of especially-equipped and sophisticated ships, Jasmin leads international teams of seafarers and engineers as they lay oil and gas pipelines and cables beneath the world’s oceans. Trained in the Philippines, she brings the finest credentials of the country’s renowned maritime workforce to this highly-technical industry, as she pursues her childhood dream to conquer the sea,” the exhibit described Captain Labarda.

“An expert in defusing bombs, she directs first-responders to incidents where improvised explosive devices are deployed by criminals and terrorists.  A wife and mother, Joyce proudly safeguards communities in southern Philippines from threats to safety and public order,” the description of Lieutenant Paciente-Mayao read.

Launched on 1 May 2021 in celebration of International Workers’ Day, the exhibit aims to recognize and support all women who have contributed to eliminate gender discrimination to create a fairer and more balanced workplace. U.N. Office at Geneva Director-General Tatiana Valovaya, who virtually opened the exhibit, said further efforts need to be done “to make all professions everybody’s professions.”

The exhibit can be accessed at the following website: END.