Thank you, Mister Vice-President. 


The Philippines thanks the Special Rapporteurs for the presentation of their thematic reports.

The Philippines recognizes the human right to water and sanitation as a basic right that forms part of the overall well-being and dignity of an individual. This is enshrined in our national laws and policies which specifically recognize the need to focus on marginalized and disadvantaged groups’ equal rights to the enjoyment, use and management of water. In addition, the Philippines recognizes 14 disadvantaged groups that are specifically targeted for universal access to water and sanitation. These include poor populations, people living with disabilities, women, farmers, fishermen, migrant workers and workers in the informal sector, among others.

As cited by the SR, some governments have developed and implemented frameworks to ensure access to water and sanitation in public space, and that in the Philippines, “specific regulations are in place that govern the design, availability and accessibility of water and sanitation in bus stations,” among others.

Universal access is the theme of the Philippines’ two main policies for water and sanitation, namely the Philippine Water Supply Sector Roadmap and the Philippine Sustainable Sanitation Sector Roadmap which serve as roadmaps in achieving the country’s long-term targets for universal access by 2025 for water supply and 2028 for sanitation.

We have put forward multiple programs to facilitate access to safe and clean water and to improved sanitation. We are pleased to share that the Filipino invention of a portable water treatment device that can be used to provide safe drinking water to communities from sources such as rivers and deep well, especially when access becomes difficult during disaster situations, gained top recognition at the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva in April this year.

We thank the SR for citing the continued efforts of the Philippine government in providing safe drinking water and sanitation. Challenges remain and the government is fully committed to addressing these.

Thank you, Mister Vice-President. END