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22 February 2017 BERNE —  “Our stay here is momentary and we, alongside our families should learn to balance our resources and prepare properly for our future,” said Philippine Consul General to the Permanent Mission of the Philippines/Philippine Consulate General in Geneva during the launch of Batch 10 of the Financial Education and Entrepreneurial Workshop for overseas Filipinos in Geneva on February 05.

The quarterly workshop is a twelve-hour, four-weekend course aimed at teaching overseas Filipinos the basics of investing and managing their hard-earned cash. 

Since its first run in 2014, 322 overseas Filipinos have graduated from the Workshop.

"We need to develop a culture of saving not only for ourselves but also to our families back home. Many us left our families and loved ones; working abroad relentlessly for financial stability, with the hope of improving the lives of your families,” Consul General Enrico T. Fos said.

The workshop is co-organized with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO). END

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